How to use Filters?

You can filter your entire workspace or an individual board by the uploader, custom fields, tags, date, extension, discussion status, and favorite with just a click.

  • Filters can be applied within both boards and the assets library.

  • Uploader: By applying this filter you have to choose a particular user(s) to get all the creatives uploaded by them.

  • Custom fields: Use custom field filters to filter creatives based on the workflow you have built. Click here to learn more about custom fields

  • Tags: To filter by tags, click on selective tags that you used to tag creatives.

  • Date: You can filter by the date a creative was uploaded and the last date modified.

  • Extension: Filter creatives by selecting a specific extension of the file (.jpg, .jpeg, .mp4, .mov)

  • Discussion status: You can choose all the creatives with resolved comments or all the creatives that have comments that need to be resolved

  • Favorite: With favorite filters, you can filter all the creatives that were marked as favorites.

How to save filters?

Usually combining filters when searching for creatives helps, but applying multiple filters every time can be time-consuming and redundant. By saving your favorite combination of filters, this can be eliminated.

  • To save a combination of filters, choose the preferred combination of filters and click "save filters"

  • Name your filter and click save. This filter will be added under the built-in filters. So that it will be easier for you to filter your creatives with just a click.

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