How to share creatives?

Sharing individual creatives

  • You can share individual creatives from adnova Drive boards by selecting the three-dot icon on the specific creative and choosing the "Share" option.

  • Alternatively, you can share an individual board by clicking "Share" inside the studio

Sharing boards

  • You can share multiple creatives by pooling them into a board and clicking "Share" on the top right of the board.

Share with controls

  • Share individual creatives or entire boards from adnova Drive, with precise control.

  • Allow downloads: If enabled the viewer can download the creatives

  • Comment: If enabled the viewer can View the Comments of the creative

  • Set Password: If set the viewer needs to provide a password to see the contents of the link

  • Expiration Date: the link will expire at the mentioned expiry date

  • Make Link available: If enabled the link will be accessible and if disabled, the link will not work for the viewer

  • Generate the link and copy it to share it with anyone online.

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