Adnova studio control

Studio is your control center for viewing, organizing, managing creatives, and streamlining creative production operations.

  • Click on a creative or "expand" icon in the creative to open adnova Drive studio.

Top Bar

  • Navigate to the next creatives by clicking "< or >" in the left corner of the top bar.

  • Click on the "" to download the particular creative,

  • Favorite the particular creative by clicking the star.

  • Click on the eye symbol to watch the particular creative.

By watching a creative you'll be notified about any changes made to that file through the mail.

  1. Select the comments icon to provide feedback on the creatives.

  2. By clicking on the info icon, you'll be able to see the information about the creatives such as file name, uploader, uploaded date, size, and resolution.

  3. Custom fields let you streamline your production workflow by creating and managing tailored data fields. Click here to learn more about custom fields

  4. The tag icon allows you to assign tags to your creatives. Simply click on the tags icon and type to add relevant tags for efficient organization.

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