How to create a collect file link?

You can easily gather files from creators using a single link, without granting access to the organisation.

How to collect a file?

  • To gather creatives from a specific creator without providing access to them in the workspace, you have to create a collect link.

  • To create a collect link, navigate to the preferred board and click on the three-dot icon right next to the board name.

  • Select the "collect file", and generate a link to copy and share it with any creator online.

  • Click on "Generate" or "Update" to update the link to copy and share it with anyone

  • Make Link available: If enabled the link will be accessible and if disabled, the link will not work for the viewer

  • Anyone using the collect file link will be redirected to an upload window.

  • Files uploaded through this link will be stored in the corresponding boards where the collect file link was generated.

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