Creative strategy report

Get a comprehensive 360° analysis report of any brand from the Meta ad library

For each period, you can generate the following reports:

  1. Media Mix breakdown

  2. Ad Copy Terms breakdown

  3. Landing page insights

  4. CTA Text Analysis

  5. DCO Ads Breakdown

  6. Platform breakdown of Creatives

  7. Ads over time

  1. Media Mix breakdown

Get the report on the distribution of videos, images & carousels of the brand that you analyze.

Also, filter them by their status of "Active", "Inactive" and "All"

  1. Ad Copy Terms breakdown

You can see the visualised data of the most used terms of the brand's ad copy, hower over the terms to see the number of times each term is used.

  1. Landing page insights

Gain insights into where your competitor directs the traffic by analyzing which landing pages they use most frequently with their ads

  1. CTA Text Analysis

See which Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons your competitor uses most in their ads along with their quantitative data

  1. DCO Ads Breakdown

You can see how many Dynamic Creative Optimization Ads your competitor is publishing and how many among them are video ads and image ads

Also, filter them by their status of "Active", "Inactive" and "All"

  1. Platform breakdown of Creatives

  • Gain insights into the breakdown of your competitor's ad creatives across platforms. This includes the distribution of videos, images, and carousels used on each platform, along with a quantitative comparison to help you understand their strategy

  • Also, filter them by their status of "Active", "Inactive" and "All"

  1. Ads over time

Know how many new ads your competitor is publishing and how many old ads have been carried forward every week, every month

The below report applies only to brands running ads that have EU transparency.

  1. Number of Creatives (European Union)

If the brand runs ads in European Union (EU) countries, you will be able to see a breakdown of

  1. Number of creatives for each location (country)

  2. Number of creatives for each age group

  3. Number of creatives for each gender

  1. Reach Insights (European Union)

You can have a sneak peek into your competitor's audiences' details like:

  1. Total reach for each country within the EU region

  2. Total reach for each age group within the EU region

  3. Total reach for each gender within the EU region

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